OUr Story

We are both Valley Natives and feel proud to call this our home. When we decided to start this business
in 1996, we knew that Alamosa and the surrounding towns deserved more of what the city has to offer
but keep the small town feel that makes the Valley so special.
Wade began his life as a productive member in his family farm. Growing up in fields of potatoes, wheat,
barley and alfalfa has given him an understanding of the growing needs of plants and the vital role that
soil health plays in healthy growth and production. Additionally, his knowledge in working large areas of
land has given him the ability to see large projects from start to finish. He currently oversees the
commercial projects that NRG is awarded.
I am a graduate of Adams State College with a Masters degree in Education. I taught Elementary school
in Alamosa for many years. The opportunity to expand the company arose and so I decided that the
time it would take was going to be more than a part time position would allow, so I decided to leave my
position with the school district and go to work full time for NRG. Wade and I wanted to create a store
that is different from your typical box stores. We wanted a place where the community could come
together for learning and fun. In addition to working in this industry for 22 years, I have also been a
student of the on line Master Gardener Program through CSU and can help you with many of your
gardening/grower needs.
Stephanie began working with NRG in 2005. She has a BS in Horticulture from BYU and a minor in
landscape design. She is a vital part of the everyday operations at the garden center. She currently
works as a garden center manager and landscape designer. She has extensive knowledge on how to
improve your garden and make your yard one of a kind!
We continue to educate ourselves and keep up with current trends, plant development and design
styles. With our plants and staff you know you are getting knowledge and expertise that will help you
create, solve growing problems, and feel success in your own garden.