7 Reasons Your Yard Needs a Tree

Trees offer homeowners many benefits besides adding beautyto a landscape.  Here are seven practicaland financial reasons to add trees to your landscape.

Property Value

The Arbor Day Foundation and Realtor.com estimate thatlarge, mature trees can increase property value by as much as 15%.  In the San Luis Valley, our current medianhome price is $199,000.  A 15% increasein value is nearly $30,000.  

Decreased Energy Bills

Trees around a structure can decrease both heating andcooling costs.  It’s obvious that largetrees produce shade, leading to lower cooling costs, but how do trees decreaseheating bills?  Trees planted along thenorth and/or east sides of a building provide wind breaks that shield thestructure from wind.  In our climate,this is especially helpful during our cold winters.  These wind breaks can save as much as 30% onheating costs.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are just large plants, and all plants remove carbondioxide from the air and add oxygen to the environment.  One mature tree produces enough oxygen fortwo people per year.  On a large scale,the air cleaning benefits of trees worldwide can offset air pollution.  A rough estimate of how much air a tree canclean is 10 pounds of polluted air per year. That’s a lot of air!

Wildlife Habitat

Trees provide shelter and nesting material for birds.  Placing feeders and birdbaths near trees willhelp encourage birds to take up residence. In addition, trees provide shelter for animals such as squirrels andchipmunks.  

Erosion Control

Tree roots extend deep into the soil and hold topsoil inplace.  Planting trees on slopes andhillsides helps stop erosion from both wind and water.  In addition, the fallen leaves and needlesfrom trees can add beneficial organic material to your compost pile.

Health and Wellness

Having trees and plants in your environment adds to a senseof well-being and provides emotional benefit from connecting to nature.  A current trend in wellness is “forestbathing,” or spending time in a wooded area. People who spend meditation timein wooded areas report a sense of connection to nature and relief fromanxiety.  Maintaining landscapes providesphysical activity as well.


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