Plants that attract money and prosperity

Who wants more money? We all do! We stock plants that are associated with drawing money and prosperity to your household. The Chinese practice of Feng shui seeks to harmonize a manmade environment with nature, and, as a result, tranquility and prosperity follow.


According to the principles of Feng shui, placement of a money plants is an important consideration. It's traditional to place money-attracting plants in the northwest corner of a building or a room. This area is associated with wealth, energy, and movement.


Pilea peperomioides has round leaves that resemble coins. One of its common names is Chinese Money Plant because it resembles what it attracts. It is native to southern China, where a Danish explorer, Agnar Espegren, collected some of the plants and returned with them to Denmark. He gave them to friends and family.


Chinese Money Plants do well in indirect light. They enjoy being fairly dry between waterings. Allow the plant to almost dry out completely before watering. If the plant wilts, it may be too dry. In that case, water if the soil is dry.


Another money-attracting plant to consider adding to your home is a money tree. Each branch bears a cluster of leaves at the end of each branch. Groups of five leaves are typical, but groups of six or more leaves are said to be especially lucky. These trees are hardy and, while they appreciate bright, indirect light, they will adapt to lower light conditions. Money trees store water in their fleshy stems or trunks. Water only when the soil is dry half to three-quarters of the way down the inside of the pot.


We wish our customers prosperity and luck now and in the coming year. Consider adding lucky plants to your home for a green New Year.

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