Sod Installation

Choose sod that has been freshly harvested


  1. All areas to be sodded should be finish graded. Finish grade should be 1” below walks, drives and edging so sod will be flush.
  2. Edge all areas not bordered by drive, edging, walk, etc. with a row of sod to form a straight edge. In addition, it is easier to sod along the property line with a string line pulled.
  3. Start laying sod along a straight edge, such as a drive or walk. Lay sod rolls tight against each other, but do not overlap them. Trim off any excess with a sharp knife. The sod rolls should be laid with staggered joints
  4. On excessive slopes, the sod should be laid perpendicular to the slope, so runoff won’t form channels along the joints. It may also be necessary to peg the sod to the slope with sod staples. The staples should go at each corner and in the middle.
  5. As soon as an area large enough to sprinkle is laid, start watering and completely saturate the entire area. Water sod thoroughly with a penetration of about.
  6. Keep this level of moisture until sod has thoroughly rooted.
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