Three Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season!

Family, food, and celebrations are all joyous events. The winter season reminds us that we find comfort in those we love and in eating a big meal with people closest to us. Our gifts show how much people mean to us.  But all that takes lots of planning, preparation, and execution. It’s stressful!  But you can accomplish all your holiday goals and de-stress while you do it. Here are NRG’s top three tips for stress-free holidays.

1.      Shop In Your Happy Places

Shopping in your happy places is a good strategy for self-care during the holidays. Instead of waiting in line at a big box store or driving hours to the outlet mall, why not spend an afternoon in places that provide a low-key shopping experience? You’ll find thoughtful, quirky gifts at local businesses without the stress of hectic malls and giant retailers. Stroll through the aisles of small shops where you’re welcome to bring a latte to sip.  Enjoy a part of downtown where there’s parking close to the door and the business owner greets you with sincere appreciation. At North River Greenhouse, we are focused on helping our customers bring beauty to their homes. During the holidays we offer an extensive selection of premium décor and gifts on par with what you’d find in Denver, without the drive and without the lines.  

2.      De-Stress with Simple Décor Ideas

Part of the fun of the holidays is decorating the whole house. Whether your vision for your holiday home is a musical light show or a simple dinner near the tree, setting the scene for your perfect get-together takes time and planning. We recommend using decorations that get the most impact without a lot of fuss. A simple pre-lit spray over a door with a coordinating wreath takes minutes to put together but makes a bright, welcoming entrance for guests. A simple bowl with holiday amaryllis will provide dramatic color that can be used in a centerpiece or provide an accent on a side table.  Think about simplifying décor as well. One holiday favorite is the nativity scene. It provides a focal point in a room or in an outdoor display, but a simple plaque with the Holy Family communicates the same message as does a set with many pieces and figures that take time to unpack, arrange, and repack at the end of the season.  

3.      Use Plants!

There are scientific studies that show interacting with plants significantly decreases signs of stress in adults. This is particularly true in environments in which people work with electronics, including shopping online. Having 20 browser tabs open so you can find the best price on the hottest toy requires a lot of attention and a lot of screen time. In one study, researchers found that subjects who worked on computers benefitted from taking a break to transplant a house plant. In those cases, doctors noted lower blood pressure in the subjects allowed to transplant, compared to their working colleagues.  The subjects who worked with plants reported that they felt more comfortable and that they felt soothed and connected to nature. At North River Greenhouse, we offer a wide range of indoor plants. We invite you to consider tending plants as a part of your self-care and we encourage you to share the de-stressing benefits of plants through gift-giving.

No matter what your holiday plans or traditions, let us help you take the stress out of your holiday!

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