When and How to Transplant a Houseplant

Are you wondering if you should transplant your houseplant? Here are some signs that it’s time:

  • If the plant is root bound and does not like to be, or the plant is outgrowing its pot.
  • A small pest problem
  • You just want to change it up.

Follow these steps to transplant:

Step 1. Decide if your plant needs to be transplanted

Step 2. Choose a pot 1” to 2” larger than existing pot

Step 3. Select correct soil (ex: succulents and cactus mix vs. all-purpose mix)

Step 4. Make sure plant is moist and carefully remove it from the pot

Step 5. Make sure pot has proper drainage (clean gravel can be used for added drainage by placing a thin layer at the bottom of the pot)

Step 6. Examine the roots and make sure they are not wrapping in a circular fashion

Step 7. Loosen roots and or cut them to allow roots to spread and continue to grow

Step 8. Place the plant in the pot and add soil

Step 9. Gently compress dirt to release any air pockets and give plant support to stand upright

Step 10. Water thoroughly and enjoy Please call NRG and speak with one of our experts to ensure you are following all the proper steps or if you have any questions.

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